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A Roadblock
Published on Saturday, June 2, 2012 by

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Day two of the 30-day blog writing challenge.  I made it!  Today I am supposed to write about a roadblock.

Honestly, I can think of so many roadblocks in my life.  Roadblocks I have put up on my own.  Roadblocks that stop me from living the life I truly want to live.

Most of these roadblocks were self-created simply out of fear.  Fear of what?  WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL THINK.

I never speak my mind.  EVER.  I never fight back.  If someone tells me I am doing something wrong, I stay quiet.  Because I do not want to make waves.

And my blog?  I never really write in my own voice.  Because I keep thinking, “What if so-and-so reads this?”  “What if I put a curse word in it and so-and-so sees?”  “What if so-and-so disagrees and blasts me?”

Recently, Ron wrote something that touched me more than he even knows.  It was about his mother, her illness and about her never being one to upset the apple cart.

Ron, I printed that post to keep near me at work and at home.  To remind myself that I don’t have to be a doormat.  I am allowed my own opinions, thoughts and feelings.  And I am allowed to say them out loud.

I am, aren’t I?

Here is to no more roadblocks.

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