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A Flute, A Silent Film Star And A Wooden Leg
Published on Monday, May 17, 2010 by

Hey, you…. yes, you!  You are unique and wonderful and could surely tell stories that would have us all captivated.  For you bloggers, that is why I love reading everything you post!

I know a lot about many of you because of your blogs.  And for my friends and family, it is the day to day conversations that make us familiar.  Then there are some of you that I don’t know at all – let’s change that!

There are big stories and small, funny things and serious.  I would like to begin exploring all of these and am creating a category for this very topic.  Your Story.  Beginning NOW.

My inspiration?  A wooden leg.

I have known a particular person for almost 20 years.  We are simple acquaintances, but she has shared several personal things with me over time.  Today I heard through someone else that she has a wooden leg.  WHAT?!  REALLY???  She was telling someone all about it today.  It isn’t private, it isn’t a big deal.  It just never came up.

Everyone has a story.  I’ve heard that from three people alone this week.  So I plan to spend some time throughout the year finding out what your story is.

Today I want to know three things about you that I may not know.  Nothing particularly brilliant, nothing horribly sad – just something about you or your life that people might not know.

I’ll start.

  1. My Dad was Navy, so I have lived in several places.  California (born in San Diego), Texas, California, Rhode Island, Virginia Beach VA, Vienna VA, Virginia Beach again.  My parents drove across country PRE DVD AND GAMEBOY with two children, a Dalmatian and a full fish tank.  I can’t begin to imagine how they did it.
  2. I played the flute from elementary school through college.  I can still kill the chromatic scale and sound pretty decent after a little bit of warm-up.
  3. My grandmother’s cousin was Alice Joyce, a silent film star often called the “Madonna of the Screen.”  As children, the cousins would climb an apple tree on the family farm and drop down on to a horse that another one was leading.  I have always been fascinated with Alice Joyce.  I’ve purchased pictures and cards from eBay and cherish every picture and letter that has been handed down through the family of Alice.

And so begins my personal journey in getting to know you.  Will you share three things with me?

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  • Three things about me…. Since you asked–
    1) Total chocolate lover– I simply can’t live without it.
    2) Born in Ohio, moved to New York, then San Francisco and now live in Los Angeles– but hate earthquakes and would rather live somewhere else.
    3) Been blogging for a year and a half and think it’s a blast. I’ve met a ton of great people and now it’s nice getting to know you.

    • @joanna jenkins,

      1)Cake and chocolate are my downfall too. Would love to know your favorite chocolate!
      2)Have you blogged about earthquakes? I will certainly look. Mom said when I was a baby I was in one – the high chair was shaking and I just looked surprised. It was obviously small. I remember the last huge CA earthquake – the bridges collapsing on people – so scary – I understand! (OK so what I wrote did NOT help, did it!?)
      3)Blogging is such a wonderful way to meet others and to write creatively as well. It is a fantastic outlet!

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  • Jen

    1. My grandmother dated Henry Fonda. I could have been Bridget Fonda if she’d liked him better.
    2. I hate radishes. I have always hated radishes. When my neighbor asked me if I wanted some from her garden I said ‘sure!’.
    3. I’m still pissed about not being Bridget Fonda.

    • @Jen,

      1. TOO FUNNY! You need to do a post on that with more details!!
      2. And what did you do with them LOL!
      3. OK I just laughed WAY outloud at that!

  • How cool to have someone like Alice Joyce as an ancestor.

    1. I’m also a Navy brat and spent my youth moving around, Rhode Island, Georgia, South Carolina, DC, Norfolk, DC and Norfolk – We never got to go anywhere good because there were too many kids. I hated moving around and changing schools all the time and will keep my kids in the same school no matter what.

    2. I’ve been married 3 times (3rd times the charm – almost 13 years)

    3. I am a perfume whore. I will starve my children and make them go naked to school if there is a perfume I want to buy.

    • @Sheila Sultani,

      1. Rhode Island!!! I lived in Newport in 3rd grade. I have such amazing memories… the “red tide,” clams, the merry-go-round that burned….
      2. How COOL that the third was the right one!
      3. I love perfume too – but with allergies I really can’t wear it anymore. I love Paloma Picasso and Halston Couture!

  • Oh! I loved the three things you shared with us! I am so NOT musically inclined whatsoever! I would LOVE to hear you play the flute! And how FUN it must be to know that you are related to such a famous actress!

    My three things:
    1. I am terrified of spiders, bridges, heights needles, and the dark.
    2. I twirl my hair incessantly, especially when I am tired and or nervous
    3. I am SUPER shy and QUIET when I first meet new people [in real life.

    • @meleah rebeccah,

      1. I was afraid of needles until I had my first child – then that kind of went out the window. I don’t like heights unless I’m strapped in a fast roller coaster… then rock on!
      2. My daughter always twirled her hair when it was long… I bet you look cute doing that!
      3. I am like that too – I can relate. When Jen called me for the first time I was so nervous – for no reason though!

  • Hmm, this might be a little tough, since I spill just about everything on my blog.

    1. I’ve recently finished writing a novel and next week I am writing my query letter and then I’m closing my eyes, crossing my fingers, taking a deep breath and jumping into the world of literary agents and shopping it out.

    2. I am an expert wild bird caller. One time in Muir Woods, two wild turkeys came running when I gave them my best wild turkey call.

    3. I won our county spelling bee when I was in the 8th grade. I totally blew it at state on the second round. I also have to sing Hollaback Girl to spell banana. There, I just did it.

    • @joann mannix,

      1. WOW Joann, that is AWESOME!! GOOD LUCK! You must feel so proud!
      2. OK I am jealous. I would love to have that talent. Sometimes we “call the deer” at the beach house – not sure if it works but we sure do give the neighbors a show!
      3. Another laughing out loud! I had to sit and think over Hollaback Girl to figure out what you meant – but I got to the right part! And honestly, the fact that you MADE State – WOW!

  • Your grandmother’s cousin is so beautiful! Ok, here are my 3 things:

    1) I was a very rebellious child and teen, and truth be told, never completely outgrew it.
    2) I bit my nails until I divorced my husband
    3) I am unable to follow instructions
    4) See!
    5) I cannot wear open-toed shoes unless my toenails are painted

    • @Nicky,

      Nicky, I am to stuck on laughing about number four that can’t number and comment correctly on your post! SEE! That was PERFECT!

      It is so cool that you recognized that you bit your nails only until the divorce. I bite my nails. Hmmmmmm….

      And as far as the open toed shoes? I have some blue nail polish you can borrow LOL!

  • Hey, I played the flute as well from elementary school through college. Well, I sort of switched to piccolo at some point in there during high school. And I can kill rats with my playing nowadays (as opposed to killing a chromatic scale).

    • @Margaret (Nanny Goats), You know what I would LOVE to do? I would LOVE to sit in a good high school symphonic band and play again. There is NOTHING like having all that music surrounding you while you play. I think with plenty of practice I could jump in to it again. I loved trying my friend’s piccolo – that was fun to play. Did you march? I was in the marching band – required. I was such a nerd.

      My rats don’t die when I play, so I think they would be OK with you!

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  • Great idea to expose everyone to new and interesting things about each other. Love it!
    1) I’ve lived in only a few places: Arlington, Falls Church & Annandale, VA all just outside of DC before moving to NYC 10 years ago. School in NYC & Richmond, VA. A semester in a 13th C village in the south of France was my kind of heaven and where I hope to spend eternity when I die.
    2) Played the piano when young and took it up again as an adult. Was never any good, just played for my own pleasure. Now enjoy NY Philharmonic concerts listening to the pros, which my neighbors appreciate.
    3) My grandmother was the first licensed woman driver in NY state and the country. Don’t have a photo of her at the DMV.

    • @JoyACookin’,

      1. So you know Vienna, I’m sure! We were there when my Dad was at the Pentagon. And France…. ohhhh how WONDERFUL. I have never been there – would SO love to go! Can I retire with you?
      2. I actually don’t really listen to symphonic music – sometimes in the car which is nice, but I always loved playing it rather than listening – probably pretty unusual.
      3. WOW! I LOVE THE STORY ABOUT YOUR GRANDMOTHER!!! HOW COOL! She is FAMOUS! Honestly, that is a really REALLY neat story!

  • 1 – You know how working mothers are all supposed to feel guilty about leaving their kids and wish they could actually be stay at home moms? I don’t. I love my job. I adore my kids, too, but I think I would go insane if I was home with them all day, every day. Does that make me a bad mom?
    2 – I am incapable of doing only one thing at a time. If I’m watching TV, I must also be reading a book or doing a cross-stitch. If I’m working on a paper at work, I also have to listen to a book on tape or watching a movie on my 2nd monitor. Right now I’m listening to podcasts while catching up on my blog reading.
    3 – I hate vegetables. I choke them down to set an example for my kids, but when they aren’t looking I might just scoop my broccoli into my napkin so I don’t have to eat it!

    • @Tara Shields,

      1. You are FAR from a bad Mom for enjoying working! I am the opposite – I would much rather be at home – but I know so many moms who love to work and they are the best mothers I know. Everyone has different tastes, different interests… it is excellent that you have something you love to do like that!
      2. Can you come to my house and CLEAN? I mean, I assume you could dust and mop at the same time? Well it doesn’t hurt to ask! I multitask too, but nothing like you – you have a real talent that I wish I had!
      3. Good for you for choking down those veggies, and even better for stealth moding them in to your napkin! LOLOL!!!

  • 1-I hate limas. Now I’m from the South, and I guess that’s a sin. I have eaten alligator so maybe that will atone for my sin.
    2-I’ve lived in the same city all my life.
    3-I hate the color pink. (mostly baby pink) That probably stems from me having my room painted pink when I was about 5 years old or younger. That lasted until I was about 12. After that-yuck!

    • @Linda,
      1. That actually might be against the law in the south, but I’m not sure! I LOVE freshly shelled Limas – especially with a bit of butter on them. So can I just have yours? You can have the alligator. I had it once and blah!
      2. I thought about my kids living in the same city – so strange – I always thought everybody moved when I was a kid!
      3. So Pepto Bismol is not an option?

  • 1. I’ve lost track of how many lovers I’ve had. Most of my slut activities took place during the days of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. I pretty much only remember the rock ‘n’ roll.
    2. I’ve broken my back falling off a horse and broken my neck falling off new high heels. I still ride and I still wear high heels — though not at the same time.
    3. I was the very first actress in the “Shout” commercials back in the late 70s. “I’d Shout it out!” Yep. That was me.

    • @injaynesworld,

      1. So our parents were RIGHT! Rock and Roll leads to NO GOOD!!!
      2. WOW. It is amazing that you can ride even after breaking your back!!! And heels? I can’t wear them – I know I would do the same thing – so ROCK ON for still wearing them!

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  • Three things about me? I will certainly try to entertain you.

    The only thing standing between me and crazy cat lady status is my husband. I have 2 cats and would love to have more but my husband says no.
    If I had the money, I would attend school forever. I much prefer school to working.
    I am not social at all and would rather stay home with a good book than go to a party.

    • @Anne,

      1. So you are “the cat whisperer!” You should thank your husband though – because more than two cats and the litter box… Frequent Changes at best! I had two cats – sadly one died last year – it was heart breaking. The remaining one is FAT FAT FAT. So I think she counts for two.
      2. What would you study!! 🙂 I think that’s awesome!
      3. I am the same way. EXACTLY.

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