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Shoot Me NowI Got Me Some Big 80’s Hair. Jealous?

I Got Me Some Big 80’s Hair. Jealous?
Published on Thursday, June 10, 2010 by

big hair

big 80s hair

The eighties.  Madonna, Top Gun, Alf and big hair.  It was the era of hair spray, hot rollers and electric crimpers.  I was no stranger to 80’s hair, as I recently discovered while going through some old photo albums.

Face it.  My hair is big anyways.  So in actuality, 80’s Hair was a godsend!  For once in my life, I was IN, baby!  Plug in the hot curlers, heat up the crimper and you get…..

big hair

If I had put in just a few more rollers I might have been able to touch is hat!

80's hair

What made this look even better was my thrift store men’s tuxedo jacket, long black shirt underneath, black leggings and black high heeled boots.  My Dad used to say I looked like I was going to a punk rocker’s funeral.

huge hair

Honestly, what could be better than Pee Wee Herman and a blue iced tea.  That guy on the right needs some deodorant.  And do you see that dude on the left sporting a neon orange bow tie?  That guy is gonna get lucky, check it out!

funny goat picture

Goat’s hungry for some big hair!

And now, just like an award winning fireworks show, I present to you…


funny hair


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  • cardiogirl

    That is some fierce big hair baby. Did you have a rat tail comb? You know the one that has a fine-tooth comb on one end and a thin metal rod as the handle?

    (whispers) I still have that and use it daily for my bangs. Gotta have a little bit o' poof on my bangs to go with my ponytail.

  • No, I didn't have one of those combs – as a matter of fact I can't comb my hair at all because if I do it gets (are you ready for this?) TWICE the size you see in the pictures – no curls, all frizz! I DO love my instyler – you can poof anything with that – but in my case I tame it. When I saw these pix I really debated… how AWFUL they are! But how can you NOT share. Just like you did about your <shhh> rat tail comb. Oh, speaking of, I actually DID have a rat's tail in the 80's too! I went to London and saw them and thought, “How COOL!” I grew one in the states before anyone else had seen them… not that you should have bragging rights for THAT!

    • cardiogirl

      (Imagines silently walking up behind you, back in the 80's, and snipping off that damn tail.)

      HATED. Those.

      The kid next door — seven years old — has one and I have to hold myself back from tackling him and snipping it off with hedge trimmers.

      • I was about to close out and get to work when I saw your comment and LAUGHED SO HARD… I am STILL laughing and now I have tears in my eyes and my makeup is gonna get all 80's-ish! Yup, looking back… the rat tail… not so good HA HA!!

  • Lindsey

    This is great and I am working daily to bring back the 80's!

    • Well I need a haircut now so technically, I am pretty much back in the 80's now. Wanna join me?

  • Hey, I like your hair in the “punk rocker funeral” picture. You had the kind of curls I always wanted, but never could get.

    • I have to use major PRODUCT though or I am frizz city, 80's or not! Thank HEAVENS for Joico Joiwhip. Had to smile when you called it the punk rocker funeral picture… miss my dad!

  • Well, speaking as an 80's girl who had big hair too, I think you look absolutely GORGEOUS in those pictures! And I was just as GORGEOUS!


    Thank gawd those days are over, no?

  • I wish I'd bought stock in AquaNet oh those many years ago.

    • Do they even make AquaNet now? I'll have to look the next time I'm in the story. Bet THAT stuff is ozone friendly!

  • Holly

    Oh my gosh, you TOTALLY had the hair down! Getting bangs to do what you got them to do is no easy task. I would actually spend hours after school practicing getting my bangs bigger and bigger. I'm super impressed!

    • I remember using lots and lots of Sebastian Shaper hair spray. I worked during the summer in a hair salon and learned big hair tricks LOL!

  • '80s era is my fave! I had the hair too, though I always tried to calm it down. Just couldn't let it be a fall in line with the big hair girls. Low self-esteem I guess, but the music? Still listen to it today. Love the Sirius channel on dish 6008, all 80s music. Yippee!

    • I wish I had Sirius now – I would love to listen to the 80's stuff again. I loved that stuff – they just don't make the music like they used to!

      You were the SMART one of the 80's – you are the one who actually had taste! 🙂

    • lisanoel03

      80s music can put me in a good mood no matter how bad of a day I've had.

      • Me too! Remember the Hmmm mmmm mmmmm song? “I'll stop the world and melt with you….!” So many good tunes… oh wait, I hope that was the 80's…. lol!

  • I LOVE big huge 80's hair! And you wore it like a true rock star!

  • I am the only small haired woman in a family of big hairs. They think I'm strange. I know they come from Oklahoma. You were gorgeous with the big hair, don't get me wrong. But I like the platinum crew cut look better on me.

  • lisanoel03

    80s hair was awesome!!! just think what we did to the ozone though! lol
    and ROFL at Pee Wee, we just signed up for Netflix so my husband and kids were looking for a movie to watch thru Wii and found Pee Wee's Great Adventure, now my 2 year old does and impression of Pee Wee that will make you PEE your pants!!

    • I would LOVE to see that impression!!! My kids know every Pee Wee show there is. I used to TAPE them… BEFORE I had kids…. and watch it when i got up. I still have the tapes and the kids watch them. The best part is seeing the old commercials in between. We also have all his movies, and the kids can pick Paul Rubens out in any TV show or movie he shows up in today. Yes, he had an interesting “end of his career” but truly his show was GENIUS. The day I heard the news about him I went to Toys R Us and bought all his toy things… Pee wee doll, Chairy, the whole playhouse… Billy Baloney…. You need to video your 2 year old playing pee wee!

      • lisanoel03

        I haven't been able to catch him on camera yet but I'm trying. and OMG the commercials from back in the day are hysterical. That was my fave part of the VH1 series I <3 the 80s. some of the clothes kids were made to wear, nothing sort of child abuse lol

  • I miss 80's hair. Maneuvering the hair-dryer and Aquanet just right to achieve that crazy poof-part without looking like a duck was an artform!

    • You know what I remembered reading your comment? I used Dippity Doo! Do you remember that stuff?!

  • Srfjeld

    I love that my pic made it to this blog… I’m the blond in the green cardigan above Cyndi Lauper.  That photo is a hoot!

    • NO WAY!! That is you!!! I feel like I’m talking to a rock star! I thought I had big hair but you won. What did you put in it… and did you tease it with a comb or brush! I seriously would love to know. We were awesome, don’t you think??!

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  • lol that’s my Mama’s hairdo! I miss her 🙁

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