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68 Degrees
Published on Sunday, February 8, 2015 by

68 Degrees.


February 8.


“Mrs. Mommy Mrs. Mommy it is going to be WARM AND BEAUTIFUL Sunday … can we please please please go hiking somewhere pleassseeeee?”

At my daughter’s friend’s request, we head out for a hiking adventure at noon.

There is a lake I used to bring my boys to when they were young to catch catfish. Recently, Lake Smith has been turned in to a beautiful park with a kayak launch, docks and hiking trails.

With my new knee brace on and camera in hand we ventured off in to the woods. Today was truly a piece of heaven filled with sun, warmth, laughter and fun.



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kissing booth

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funny girls

bobber stuck


blue heron

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  • Ron

    “68 Degrees.” WOW…that is warm, Katherine! We got warmer temps over the weekend as well, but not 68. It was about 52 degrees.

    Faaaaaaaaaabulous photographs! And if didn’t know that you had taken them recently, I would have sworn these were taken during the SUMMER!

    LOVE the one the of KISS BOOTH! OMG…that is so CUTE!

    I also love how you caught the sunlight in the first shot. And the one of the trees is STUNNING!

    Glad you had a warm and fun weekend, my friend!!

    • When we went back on that trail the kissing booth was gone. We have no idea who put it there or why it was gone… but it was adorable!

  • Next Saturday it will be in the mid 70s here. Unbelievable indeed.

    What a fun outing. I would have enjoyed that too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • We’ve had some warm days here, too, although as usual it can be warm one day and freezing the next. It doesn’t look like we’ll be having any snow this year, but I won’t rule it out completely either. You got some nice shots of the girls enjoying the early taste of Spring. It won’t be long now.

    • We had the same thing this week! WARM and then COLLLLD! Today we got about an hour of SNOW… pretty rare here. Then tomorrow it is going to be about TWENTY DEGREES. UNHEARD OF here. From super warm to 20 degrees in less than a week. Crazy!

  • The second photo is just gorgeous!! I want to go there, just on the basis of that photo!

    Looks like a wonderful day out all round. Lovely girls for company, beautiful scenery, warm sun .. what could be better?

    • What is REALLY neat about your comment is that I was further up the trail and the girls called me back. They were very excited about something. Both called out, “You HAVE to take a picture RIGHT HERE!” It is the second picture! I will have to show them what you wrote.

      There was one thing, however that WASN’T good about that warm day. Only me…. I got poison ivy!!!!

      • Aaaahhhh! Bad luck! I’ve heard about poison ivy. ‘Leaves of three, let it be’, right? But luckily for us it doesn’t grow here in England!

        Tell your girls that they have a great eye for a picture!

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