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I Must Be Saved!
Published on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by

My poor, poor children.  With the luck of the draw, they are destined to be embarrassed by their mother at every turn.  I thank the Lord that they did not inherit my lack of skill and grace.  I have a surfer, a skimboarder and a gymnast – all things I could never had done at their age. 

Alas, this is their life as pictured below.  A weekly occurrence – either being embarrassed in public by Mom, fixing her mistake or both at the same time.  Below is “both at the same time.” 

While strolling through a pet store I managed to not only drop my good sunglasses, but immediately kick them deep under a shelf with my very next step.  Here is my wonderful daughter to the rescue.  She is on the filthy floor with a cardboard “take home” box, digging out Mom’s sunglasses.  She was more than happy to do it, don’t get me wrong.  That will probably change in time.  But for now, she’s my girl Friday.  And Saturday, and Sunday…

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