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Shoot Me Now“Non-Review” Review: The Instyler (Angels Singing)

“Non-Review” Review: The Instyler (Angels Singing)
Published on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by

Not to beat a dead horse.  But you know my irrational obsession with wanting the Instyler?  Well guess what.  No, no, I don’t have one.  But I TRIED ONE.  And it was GOOD. 

Last Friday my daughter and I had hair appointments.  This is a rare occasion, as money is always an issue.  But hair was big and it was time.  My daughter opted for a super short cut she has been begging for.  Gosh, you wait two boys out to finally get your girl and all she wants to do is cut her hair short.  No bows! No braids!  No ribbons. But that is another story. 

As I was waiting for her hair to be cut I was chit-chatting with the shampoo person.  Girl.  Guy.  Ummm, guy.  (I guess I have to explain that one.  This guy is AWESOME.  He is funny as can be and beautiful.  He wears women’s pants, a tight woman’s top and has the most glorious head of long blonde curls I have ever seen in my life.  I will never forget when my teenage son was having his hair shampooed by this guy and the guy spoke to him in his obviously male voice.  My teenager had thought this guy was a woman.  The shock that only I could see on his face was priceless.  But that is another story.) 

I happened to mention that I would love to have an Instyler while we were talking.  He said, “Oh my goodness, we have one! Do you want to try it!”  ANGELS SINGING!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  “Does it really work?”  “Yup!”  “Does it really gloss your hair?”  “Yup!”  BRING IT ON! 

As I picked up the Instyler, my first thought was, “Wow, this is HEAVY.”  But that immediately passed as I held the golden rotating tool near my frizzy, very non-glossy curls.  Wait. It is backwards.  No, that was right.  Nope, wait, let me turn it around.  OK, that’s good.  Here we go.  Attach.  Gently twist as I pull along my scraggly hair. Release.  ANGELS SINGING.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what I had before me was the most glossy, perfect and smooth curl you have ever seen.  It was EXACTLY like the infomercial.  EXACTLY.  Giddy, I did more.  And more.  And then it was time to get my hair shampooed.  

After I had my haircut, my shampoo friend and I played a bit more.  Gymnastics was 20 minutes away so I only had a second to quickly smooth the top of my hair before I left.  No time to make curls.  But the result was just like the old days when I had time for hot curlers and curling irons – only BETTER and QUICKER and GLOSSIER. 

I cannot end this story without sharing the reactions I received from my family.  My daughter, of course, loved it.  She was amazed at how smooth and pretty my hair could be.  When I got home, without saying a word, I walked in and faced my almost 16 year old son.  Ready for this?  This is NOT an exaggeration.  My son screamed, covered his eyes and yelled, “Noooo!  Nooooo!  Your hair is freaky!   It is so straight!  How could you do that! NOOOOOOOO!”  So much for a bit of change. 

I picked up my 13 year old son later that evening.  Without skipping a beat he jumped in the car, looked over at me and said, “Mom, you look ten years younger!”  This boy will go far with the ladies. 

And finally, my mother smiled kindly as the Instyler story spilled out of my mouth.  And then she gently, EVER so gently, said she had been looking over old photos recently and funny, I resembled pictures taken a long LONG time ago – HIGH SCHOOL pictures…  (Translation: Honey, you look like you just came out of the early 80’s.) Alright, so I would work on the actual hair-do if I ever got an Instyler. 

I have visited http://www.getinstyler.com many times since my trial run with the actual product.  I’ve moved beyond the infomercial and gone directly to the source.  The motherload.  The website.  And then I once again read the price.  I sigh.  Wipe a little tear out of my eye and close my browser.  One day.  One day.

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  • renee

    I’ve found that you can buy one for less $$ on ebay or craigslist. People often sell the 2nd instyler that comes free when they purchase directly from the instyler company. (as seen on tv infomercial) Hope this helps.

  • Great story! I love the personal touch to the review. Hilarious. And a beautiful picture. Thanks.

  • Amanda Carter

    Hey, I’m planning on getting my instyler from QVC, the regular price is about 93 dollars, and right now the intro price is only about 83 dollars! I know it’s still a bit much, but it’s trusted qvc and even their qvc regular price is STILL cheaper than amazon or the actual website (130). so even though money is tight, you won’t have to save up as much if you want it!

  • Hi Katherine!

    I’m contacting you from Tre Milano, makers of the Instyler. The whole team here loved loved loved your review, and we have a very special gift waiting here for ya. Please contact me at Nathan@modernmedia2000.com, and we’re gonna make sure you get your Instyler!! 🙂

  • Susan

    instyler company doesnt allow you to sell your leftover second one on ebay… thats kind of wrong. they cancel your listing saying its a trademark violation. are they greedy? or just want to FORCE each person to buy TWO? very strange.

  • They Dont

    I think Instyler is greedy for reals. My friend posted her second one on eBay and it was canceled in less than 24 hours. I see many of them on eBay. How greedy can one be? I hope they fail.

  • Customers are welcome to offer their second units for sale any way they please. We simply insist they do not do so by using our Copyright images, as doing so is both illegal and a violation of eBay policy.

    • And I have to tell everyone… Nathan and the Instyler Company ROCK… they have amazing customer service, and the Instyler is AMAZING! I use it every day!

  • GHDstraightener

    Thank you for posting .please do more good article.it's so cool .i like it very much.

  • Blinkershine

    The instyler is crap. And I really wish they take that odor off the com. When this product came out it was expensive. Now you can buy 2 for one. Right there is the first clue. That it sucks.

    • Blinkershine, have you tried it? I’ve used mine for over two years and I absolutely love it. My hair NEEDS it though… very curly and frizzy. My daughter’s hair is straight and the instyler doesn’t really do much for her. I guess it depends on your hair type.

  • I just bought mine on clearence at Walmart for $12.50! (;

    • NO WAY! You got an instyler for less that twenty bucks?!?!? They are so expensive… you got a DEAL!!!

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