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Epic Advertising Fail!
Published on Thursday, June 18, 2009 by

Today, for the first time in my life, I heard my eight year old daughter exclaim, “What a RIPOFF!”  And she was ever so right. 

This is what I call an epic fail.  EPIC FAIL.  This type of advertising should be illegal!  Gather.  Let’s discuss. 

I purchased this outdoor kiddie pool at Walmart.  This baby cost me THIRY BUCKS.  This is money that could have put food on the table.  But my daughter gets bored during the long summer days and really needed something fun in the backyard. 

OK, so the top picture is the box our new kiddie pool came in.  We knew it wasn’t spectacular, but it looked fun enough for a hot summer day, don’t you agree?  

Now, look at the actual pool in the bottom picture.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  There are just so many things wrong here. 

Let’s start with the little girl in the pool.  If you think about the scale, you’ve got to realize that only a doll would fit correctly in the real pool to match the top picture of the pool.  

Now, move your gaze toward the boy going down the fabulous zebra slide. Ahhh what fun he is having!  See how much pool he has to splash down in?  Now, imagine him in the BOTTOM pool picture.  FAIL! 

Looking closely, I see a lovely teal ring around the top of the inflatable pool.  TOO BAD OURS DIDN’T COME WITH THAT!! 

And finally, my favorite.  Look at Mom.  Look very very carefully at the point in which the pool meets her body.  Right at her chest.  When I saw this box in the store, I assumed she was kneeling.  OK, now picture that same woman below.  

The ONLY way this woman can have the pool meet her chest is if she is a serpent, slithering toward her gaily playing children.  As she raises her head from the grass she says, “SSSSSSSSSS are you kidsssssss having a ssssssplasssshing good time SSSSSSS?” 

And do you see the head of that zebra!?!  It’s GINORMOUS!  (Don’t ever say THAT at the zoo.) 


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