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Shoot Me NowThe Best Product for 3B Curly Hair is…

The Best Product for 3B Curly Hair is…
Published on Monday, June 23, 2014 by


At least if you are me. Because my hair is STUPID.  Course. Curly. Thick. Dry.

For curly haired girls like me, it is ALL ABOUT THE PRODUCT.

Over the last few months I have been on a crusade to find the ultimate product for “3B” hair. Nothing will tame it. Nothing will defrizz it. Nothing will hold the curls in place without being so crunchy you could snap a curl in half.

frizzy curly hair

Even some of my co-workers are in on the deal. “You have two different hair styles going on and they just don’t work. You have smooth bangs and a curly head. You HAVE to stop straightening. You HAVE to stop shampooing every day.  You have to grow your hair out… NO MORE BANGS!  You should part it a bit to the side and just go natural!” I have even sent updates via pictures to one of my co-workers. “Today I used this and this is what happened…!”

crunchy curls

I have even spent big bucks on Aveda’s Be Curly line. The be all and end all of taming curly hair. Sadly, this is what the 2,000 review 5 star products did for MY hair:

Aveda be curly review

You know who else has “3B” curls?

bernadette peters curls

Yup, my girl crush Bernadette Peters. I have gotten so desperate in finding a hair product that works for my brillopad curls that I even googled, “what hair products does Bernadette Peters use?” Believe it or not, that has been googled a LOT by others in the same boat.

After a little research, however, I struck gold. During an interview, Bernadette was documented as saying, “Graham Webb Silk Protein and Making Waves.” I IMMEDIATELY went to Amazon, found the products and <ACK!> discovered the line has been discontinued. Sure, I can get a leftover bottle for $92… but I think I’ll pass.

I will even admit to you that I tweeted to @OfficialBPeters “from a desperate woman who has your type hair (but my curls are a mess) What products do you use?” And no, I have not heard back. I am quite certain Bernadette Peters does not waste her day tweeting, to say the least. But I bet she would gladly share her secrets if someone asked. She just seems like that kind of lady.

In the meantime, I think it is time to go to Curly Hair Products Anonymous. All the research before buying. All the time waiting for sales. And yet none of these 4 to 5 star products will work for me.

curly hair products

I am TRYING to go all naturally curly. I really really am. But this head of curls just won’t be tamed.

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