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Shoot Me Now2012 Macy’s Day Parade Cheerleader Fail

2012 Macy’s Day Parade Cheerleader Fail
Published on Friday, November 23, 2012 by

macy's cheerleader fail

I am a bad, horrible, terrible and ugly person.

New puppy woke me up early Thanksgiving morning.  Picture me in jammy pants, winter coat and fluffy pink slippers shuffling down the street for a morning potty walk.  Eyes squinted and slightly hung over, mind you.  We won’t discuss the hair.

But I digress.

I cooked a nice family breakfast while everyone slept.  Bacon, eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancakes and amazingly strong coffee.  I ate by myself, read a bit and waited for people to emerge from downstairs.

My daughter came up first, smiled and said, “It’s Thanksgiving, isn’t it?  Happy Thanksgiving!  Oh, and the parade is on!”

That is when it hit.  A flood of memories rushed through me.  My father cooking breakfast as we slept.  When it was ready, he would turn on the parade and crank it to wake us up.  Then, as he stuffed the turkey he would gobble, open up the cavity and go, “S’all right?  S’all right!  S’ok?  S’ok!”

Thanksgiving hasn’t meant much to me over the years, but at that moment I was so choked up I could hardly breathe.

I looked up just in time to see the opening feature of the 2012 Macy’s Day Parade.  A large group of very talented cheerleaders moving perfectly in sync as they started up the parade.  What an honor.

While I was still holding back my sentimental tears, I saw the camera zoom in to three cheerleaders being lifted overhead.  The featured girl in the middle was not raised correctly and fell backwards in to the crowd, all on national television.

I chuckled.  And then I began to laugh.  And then I went in to an hysterical fit of laughter that sent tears rolling down my cheeks.

This poor girl.  Smack dab in the middle of the shot for all the world to see.  Falling backwards as millions of eyes looked on. I feel for her.  She worked so hard to get there and her moment of fame turned sour.  I was in no way laughing at HER.  I promise.

Forgive me Lord.  I needed an emotional outlet.  I had to laugh, for I was about to cry.  I didn’t mean it.  Honest.  But you have to admit… it was a TINY bit funny?

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  • MikeWJ

    You think you’re bad? I read this beautifully sentimental post that transitions into laughter and yet all I can think about is you in your jammy pants, winter coat and fluffy pink slippers walking the dog with a hangover, puffy eyes and bad hair. It’s just so hawt, and I don’t know how you knew what my fetish was. Amazing. Call me, K?

  • Mel


    I’m pretty sure it’s the pink fuzzy slippers….

    Let me exit quietly and let you two get on with it.

  • Oh yeah. That was funny!

    • I’m so *ashamed!* 🙂

      • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The holidays are such a roller coaster of emotions it’s good to find the funny where you can. Besides, that poor thing will never ever know you laughed at her downfall.

        ::scrambles away to google her name & email address to send her a link to this post::

  • I laugh whenever ANYONE wipes out. Myself included. Even when my kids fall. (*Especially* when my kids fall, but don’t tell, ‘k?) 🙂

    • HA HA!!! YEAAAA!!!!!! Well I fail so much I guess it makes me happy to see I’m not the only one! 😉

  • I crack the hell up anytime ANYONE falls down. I will point and laugh, and THEN I will help you up.

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